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Bird Pet Products

Pets Warehouse Penrith is here to help with all your bird pet supplies, food, cages and toys.

When it comes to Bird Food, we stock a huge range of different food options for different breeds. All of the brands we stock are hand selected for their quality and even if you have a bird that is a fussy eater our team can help you choose the right food for you beloved flying friend.

As well as stocking one of Sydney’s largest ranges of bird food, we also have a range of fun and interactive toys that your pet bird will absolutely love. We have different toys suitable for different birds; all super durable to stand the test of time.

If you need a new cage for your pet bird we have a showcase of indoor and outdoor cages, all in stock and available immediately.

The team at Pets Warehouse Penrith is here to help with any of your bird supply needs, offering great service and friendly advice.

Bird Food
If you are looking for a general bird seed mix, parrot mix or something special for your exotic bird then look no more. We stock a huge range of bird seeds, poultry food and everything you need to keep your feathery friends healthy.

Bird Cages
We have bird cages for both indoor and outdoor birds. Our cages come in a range of shapes and sizes and are perfect your birds. As well as fixed cages we also stock portable carry cages for transportation.

Bird Toys
Keep your bird entertained with a range of ropes, bells and toys suitable for both indoor and outdoor bid cages.

Bird Attachments
At Pets Warehouse we have a huge selection of water and feeding attachments for your bird’s cage. These can be used on both outdoor aviaries and indoor cages

Bird Medicines
Keep your bird healthy with our range of vitamins, supplements, wormers and general medicine.

Bird Cage Covers
When its time to sleep as you know birds like the dark and we stock a range of stylish cage covered to help your feathered friend sleep.

Leading Brands

Pets Warehouse only stocks what we consider the best brands to keep your pet happy and healthy.


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