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Fish Pet Products

Pets Warehouse Penrith is here to help with all your fish pet supplies, food, fish tank, filters, and decorations.

When it comes to Fish Food, we stock a huge range of different food options for different breeds. All the brands we stock are hand selected for their quality and even if you have a fish that is a fussy eater our team can help you choose the right food for you beloved swimming friends.

As well as stocking one of Sydney’s largest ranges of fish food, we also have a range of fun and interactive toys that your pet fish will absolutely love and transform your tank.

If you need a new fish tank for your pet fish we have something in stock for everyone’s budget, including tanks for tropical, cold and salt water.

The team at Pets Warehouse Penrith is here to help with any of your fish supply needs, offering great service and friendly advice.

Fish Food
It doesn’t matter what type of fish you have, Koi, tropical, or goldfish we have fish food from the world’s most popular brands. We also have live food and sinking pellets for crustaceans.

Fish Tanks
Your dream fish tank is only a phone call away. We have tanks for tropical, cold and saltwater fish ranging from small room tanks through to big feature tanks, complete with lighting, stands and accessories.

Fish Tank Filter
Choosing the right filter is important to ensure your tank remains healthy. We offer a range of different filters suitable for all fish environments and all sizes of tanks.

Fish Heaters
Depending on the fish you have, obtaining the right water temperature is critical. Our energy efficient heaters can help your tank keep the optimal temperature for the health of your fish.

Fish Tank Decorations
Add some flair to your fish tank with a range of decorations. Not only do they look great, but your fish will love the realistic environment you can create with our marine based features.

Fish Medicines
Keep your fish and tank healthy with our water testing kits. Quickly diagnose and fix any algae or chemical imbalances. We also have medicine for your swimming friends.

Leading Brands

Pets Warehouse only stocks what we consider the best brands to keep your pet happy and healthy.


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